Why are Braces so Expensive

Why are Braces so Expensive

A Big Bite out of your Savings but Worth it!

Why are braces so expensive is an intriguing thought as it is an undervalued feat of engineering and ingenuity as they work wonderfully to bring back your happy smile. 

You are not alone in wondering why are braces so expensive as apparently, it’s just wires and metals that are visible doing the work. But the reality is the opposite as the bracing is more than what meets the eye, including the type of material used for bracing, required visits to the doctor, and post-bracing treatment. Secondly, transforming your teeth into a desired shape is quite big a deal but the way it is done makes it one of the most expensive treatments. Here is why are braces so expensive

  1. One way of wrapping your head around the question of why are braces so expensive is to remind yourself that it is a life-changing experience to bring back a beautiful smile and ensure oral health. It takes skills and expertise as the treatment is much more than just straightening out your teeth. The apparently simple process of putting wires and metals on your teeth requires mechanics of jaw alignment. On top of that, each case is unique requiring a personalized approach for treatment. Some factors considered for treatment are bite alignment, tooth position, and facial aesthetics to achieve the desired results, the consideration for the physiological features of a patient, oral health, and overall well-being. 
  2. Advanced technology and tools such as digital imaging, 3 modeling, and intraoral scanners are involved in the treatment are other reasons why braces are so expensive. The latest equipment and software are used to diagnose, plan, and review throughout the treatment journey. Some other appliances like aligners and self-ligating braces are expensive but they provide very efficient and comparatively convenient treatment.
  3. The longevity of the treatment spread over a stretch of time involving regular visits even after the initial installment of braces for adjustment and follow-ups for optimum results, also makes it an expensive treatment.

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Having said that why are braces so expensive, you need to acknowledge that it doesn’t have similar expenses, as they vary with each case. For example, if the treatment and installment of braces are complicated in some cases, its cost will be more than that of a less complex treatment. The cost also depends on the number of teeth involved, one arch of both arches being treated, the cost of the brace material, and the cosmetic requirements. For example, veneer treatment for a full smile maker for the front teeth will be cotier than the brace treatment. Also, the treatments for crowns, implants, and bridges are comparatively costlier than the treatment of hind trees. Other factors influencing the cost are if any prior diagnosis or treatment like teeth contouring is involved before starting the process of bracing. Last but not least, every orthodontist charges a consultation and treatment fee according to their personal experience, and qualifications. Usually, more experienced and successful doctors charge quite high fees. 

If still wondering why are braces so expensive, get this on the outside, the treatment for the brace implant may sound very expensive but when you look at the life-long outcome, the cost doesn’t matter much.