Puerto Rico Travel Tips

Puerto Rico Travel Tips

A Guide to Ultimate Fun Vacation

Puerto Rico travel tips help you make the best out of the vacation by ensuring that you enjoy breathtaking ocean beaches, lush green mountains, dense and rich forests with some fun nights and yummiest meal options.

The following pointers will help you plan a wonderful vacation at one of the most diverse tourist destinations:

1. Best Months for Vacation

The first Puerto Rico travel tip is to choose the ideal period of the year that best suits the tourists, especially in terms of weather. Winter season i.e. December to April is the best period of the year to visit as weather is mild and rains are less frequent. In contrast, June to September are active for hurricanes and stormy weather conditions, and the heat and humidity are too intense in August.

2. Number of Days for the Trip  

If you are visiting the place for a couple of days, it is highly recommended to spend the stay at San Juan, you will love spending exploring the beautiful town even if you can’t manage to visit other areas. But if you have a week or so in the reserve, you should take a road trip to see amazing beaches, towns, and mesmerizing views around the towns.  

3. Options for Stay at Hotels

One of the most important Puerto Rico Travel tips is to choose the resort for accommodation according to your liking. Puerto Rico has diverse landscape features like beach resorts, Airbnb, low-budget stays, boutique hotels, and eco-friendly stays.  If you are looking for a beach vacation, your options for a stay would be The Horned Dorset, Casa Grande Mountain Retreat,  and 4 Casitas are the recommended ones.

4. Options for Available Activities

Puerto Rico travel tips also include recommended activities when you are visiting the place for vacation. The following are the activities to mention a few:

  • Swimming in bay
  • Hiking in tropical forests
  • Exploring the historical old fort
  • Snorkel tour
  • Food tour

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Some of the Recommended Places:

  • Puerto Rico travel tips are to visit La Perla, it is a colorful community famous for authentic food, singing, dancing, street art, and boardwalk along the ocean with beautiful views
  • Vega Baja is also a small town known for its beautiful natural freshwater springs for a quick swim and refresh.
  • Puerto Rico travel tips also recommend Mar Chiquita Beach has big limestone rocks and a turquoise circular beach with easily available chairs and umbrellas and delicious local cuisine
  • Toro Negro, Ciales is a perfect activity for adventurous people who love to explore through drinking on small windy roads leading to a small town on the mountain with rivers rolling down. 
  • Puerto Rico travel tips recommend picking the volunteer program through International Volunteer Head Quarters. The program includes pick and drop from the airport, accommodation in a hostel, and being available to cater to all kinds of queries. This is recommended for research purposes or if you want to have an authentic local community experience.
  • Skateboard Park and Bosque is also one of the most fascinating places for skateboarding, the park is full of artwork and is placed on the edge of the ocean with volunteering activities like tree plantation available.
  • Puerto Rico travel tips highly recommend La Placita for its historical significance, it is the farmer’s market with fruits, vegetables, and local products and street parties at night with music, dance, bars, clubs, and DJs 

Hence Puerto Rico travel tips article is meant to help you experience Peurto Rico vacation with optimum fun and a blast.