Celsius Drink Nutrition Facts

Celsius Drink Nutrition Facts


Celsius drink nutrition facts reveal that its intake of hot summers and hectic routines is to kickstart a refreshed and re-energized beginning.

This sparkling orange juice has been manufactured with clinically proven safe and healthy ingredients and a rejuvenating flavor for an active lifestyle.  It’s a zero-sugar energy drink that makes it a befitting choice for boosting metabolism and wearing off some extra inches. Combined with other choices for lifestyle, it is quite safe to drinking CELSIUS drink on a daily basis. If the drinks have an adverse effect on anyone it could be either because the person has some pre-existing health issues or he is indulged in over intake of the caffeine. Celsius drink nutrition facts will further reveal if it brings out the good and the best in man.


Celsius Drink Nutrition Facts

1.  Green Tea Extracts

CELSIUS drink nutrition facts tell us that the drink is very effective for boosting the metabolism of the user. It becomes possible due to the presence of green tea extract as it contains EGCG in a particular quantity that helps burn the calories in the body.

2.  Guarana Seed Extract

It is true that Guarana is used in other energy drinks too, but it is also true that its roots are usually used in regular energy drinks. Meanwhile, CELSIUS is the only energy drink in which Guarana seeds are added that contains double the amount of caffeine compared to a regular coffee bean.

3.  Ginger Root

CELSIUS drink nutrition fact also exposes that it contains ginger root. The addition of ginger root enhances the flavor by making it a bit spicy and enjoyable.  Besides boosting the flavor of the drink, ginger root is also effective in creating a positive effect on stomach digestion by supporting the process of thermogenesis.

4.  Vitamin C

Vitamin C plays a crucial role in building the immune system of the body.  This is also known as ascorbic acid which not only strengthens the immune system but also assists in repairing the tissues and in enzymatic production of certain neurotransmitters.  CELSIUS drink nutrition facts tell that CELSIUS contains vitamin C.

5.  Vitamin B 

CELSIUS drink nutrition facts show that one of the important ingredients or nutrients in the drink is vitamin B. This is no secret that vitamin B plays a vital role in regulating cell health and metabolism and supporting adrenal glands. Therefore, vitamin B helps provide instant energy while strong adrenal glands reduce fatigue.

6. Chromium

Celsius contains the mineral called chromium which reduces hunger by regulating blood sugar levels and boosting the metabolism of lipids, carbs, and proteins. As a result, the user of the drink feels hungry less frequently and at the same time remains energized.

Hence, CELSIUS drink nutrition facts prove that it is a healthy option for professionals like athletes, actors, and those whose professional roles require physical rigor and long hours of work. On top of that, it comes in zesty flavors like raspberry peach, the classic orange, Astro Vibe, Green Apple Cherry, Strawberry lemonade, you name it!  Read more articles about nutrition.