American Idol Top 24

American Idol Top 24

24 Favs in 2024

The American Idol Top 24 is the article to enlists the few chosen talented candidates who navigated their way through hundreds of candidates and tough competition.

The 22nd season of American Idol makes its way to the top 24 survivors of Hollywood Week. winning the hearts of Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie, they have revived the American Idol to its past glory and symphony. Check out the list of American Idol top 24  candidates.

1. Jordan Anthony

Merely 19 years old, he belongs to Australia, Perth, and won the hearts of the judges by performing one of the most moving songs “Titanium” originally sung by David Guetta. He chose the song because of his personal association with it, and that’s how he made his way through to the shortlist. 

2. Odell Burton Jr.

The second candidate who made it to American Idol Top 24 is Odell, she is  29 years old passionate singer and is originally from Austin, Texas. He had to do a lot of menial jobs to support his large family before he landed in the music industry to follow his dream and passion for music.

3.  Nya

28 years old, resident of Manhattan, New York made her performance count by singing “The Best” originally performed by Tina Turner. Her Broadway experience was quite visible in her passionate performance.

4. Blake Proehl

The next candidate who made it to American Idol top 24 is Blake, merely 25 years old had been a football player. Through a dramatic turn of events, he switched from a football career to pursue his passion for singing. He mesmerized the audience by singing “Anyone” originally sung by Justine Bieber and justified his switch to career.

5. Triston Harper

The youngest finalist Triston belongs to Alabama, showcased his remarkable talent for singing and swayed the audience and the judges in surprise and awe.

6. Roman Collins

Roman, a resident of California made it to the American Idol top 24 list with his soulful voice and unique talent for singing a popular song with his personal interpretation at the prime age of merely 24.

7. Kaibrienne Richins

Young and charming Richins is merely 20 years old with Hashimoto’s disease, however, even her disease couldn’t stand in the way of her destiny to be among American Idol’s top 24 candidates. She won the spot by a sing-off with Alyssa Raghu.

8. Jack Blocker

A young talent of 25 years of age captivated the audience with his charismatic performance of his original songs. He belongs to Texas and is among the lucky ones who made it to the American Idol top 24 list.

9. Mia Matthews

The young candidate has strong vocal talent and is amongst the few who always win the hearts of the audience and the judges with each performance. She is only 19 and belongs to Alabama state.

10. McKenna Breinholt

A young talent 25 years old and a resident of Arizona state, Breinholt is an adopted child in her family. Her knack for story-telling and talent for singing has successfully made it to the list.

11. Emmy Russell

A youthful young county singer with an emotional and rich voice has been the sweetheart of the fans from the first performance. She is 25 years old and belongs to Tennessee.  

12. Will Moseley

A Georgian resident, a young lad of 23 years old made it to the list of American Idol top 24 with his beautifully sung country songs. He survived brain injury miraculously and adopted the music to seek peace and solace.

13. Ajii

The young singer 27 years old and a resident of New York has the unique talent of mixing R&B and pop genres of music together to create strong and engaging performances.

14. Kayko

He is a talented songwriter of merely 23 years of age and a resident of Florida. He touched the hearts of the audience with a soulful performance of his original song written in memory of his late mother winning the hearts of fans and judges alike. 

15. Elleigh Marie

A young talent of 20 years old, and a resident of Utah is blessed to base her heartfelt performances deeply reflecting her personal experiences influenced by the deployment of her father from the military. 

16. Kennedy Reid

23 years old Kenndy navigated her way through all circumstances to American Idol top 24 with her powerful voice and X.factor performance skills. she is one of the most competitive contenders throughout the season with his jaw-dropping performances. 

17. KBlocks

KBloacks is 27 years old, at the threshold of the age limit, however, she stands out in her performances with a unique style and powerful stage presence.

18. Abi Carter

Merely 21 years old, Abi is the Platinum Ticket winner and performed a rendition of “What Was I Made for?” originally sung by Billie Eilish. The performance is marked as one of the highlights of the season.   

19. Jayna Elise

 Representing Washington DC, Jayna, 22 years 22-year-old girl, has shown remarkable stage presence and vocal ability, impressing the judges with her unique style​.

20. Quintavious

22 years old and originally a gospel singer and worship leader made it to the list of American Idol top 24 due to his powerful voice and heart-rending personal story. 

21. Hailey Mia

16 years old, a resident of New Jersey young Mia is the youngest competitor who having beaten nervousness and fears has come up with impressive performances.    

22. Jennifer Jeffries

The young contestant has a unique raspy American style and her original songs always conquer the stage.

23. Julia Gagnon

Julia, a Platinum Ticket winner, is among the talented list of American Idol top 24 who won over the audience and the judges with a beautiful performance of “Rumour Has It” originally sung by Adele. Her vocal prowess has convinced everyone of her talent.  

24. Mackenzie Sol

Last but not least 23 years 23-year-old Sol lives in Nevada and is a TikTok star with a huge following and fan base and has won the praises of the audience and the judges alike.  

An interesting mix of different regions and music styles, America Idol top 24 list is reflective of national talent and flair for music. Click to read more articles.