Mulberry Symbol Set

Why is it free?

We believe that communication is a fundamental human right. Many disabled people with impaired speech and other language difficulties require symbols to support their communication needs. This enables their desires, wishes and opinions to be expressed.

So firstly, it is about equal participation. In school, for example, simple communication charts can allow students with such difficulties to fully engage in lessons.

Secondly, there are many talented people who can write computer programs, but who cannot contribute to this area when no free symbol set is available.

How can I join in?

The majority of people that register here simply wish to download our symbols.

But if you would like to be part of the team that comments on our symbols before they are published, you might consider becoming a Reviewer.

For more information on the was you can join in, check out the "type of login" below.

Types of user login

News and events

Mulberry symbols - new version

31 August 2011

A new version of Mulberry symbols is released. Version 2.4 now includes over 2300 symbols.

Review 017 is completed

31 August 2011

Several hundred new symbols are soon to be published

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Symbol formats

Provided in "wmf" and "svg"

soon to be provided in .png format !!!

Open source

Free, reusable & sharable

see API for public access to symbols.

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