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General questions:



Developer & Contributor questions:

Commercial questions:


General questions:

Can I give the symbols away?

Yes, once you have downloaded the symbols, you can copy them (to CD-Rom perhaps) and pass them on to your friends and colleagues. Remember that the license is associated with the original symbols and any copies in perpetuity.

Am I allowed to alter the symbols?

Yes, and you can distribute those too, but Remember the license is associated these symbols in perpetuity, including any derivatives that you might make. You might decide, for example, to change the colours on some symbols, perhaps to suit a particular user who has a colour-blindness.

Who can see my personal details?

No one. We will not distribute any personal details or make them public. The only information people can see about you is your UserID (which can be as anonymous as you like, although many people use the convention
(where Xxxxxx is your first name and Y the initial letter of your surname). This appears in any forum discussions. Secondly, if you choose to, your "role" can be made public (for example "Speech and Language therapist"). See "My Info" on the main user panel, which becomes visible once you have logged in.


I need to change my UserID - how do I do that?

The UserID is unique - no one else can choose the same name. We will be making this something you can change, but in the meantime please contact us and we'll change it for you.

How do I change my email address?

We will be making this something you can change, but in the meantime please contact us and we'll change it for you.


I downloaded the symbols but I can't find them on my PC.

On a Windows PC, they are installed into
C:/Program Files/Straight Street/Symbols/Mulberry Symbol Set

I had trouble Registering - what did I do wrong?

You should receive an error message. If this did not make sense, please contact us. Typical problems are: - you chose a UserID that already exists. - Spam filters at your organisation or home blocked the authentication email. Let us know and we can activate from here.

Developer and Contributor questions:

I'm a developer - can I write some apps for you?

Yes, in the past we developed everything in Borland Delphi, but we will accept any programming language. For us it is more about the suitability of your application and how it fits in with ours. We might refer you on to the OATS website where you will find a much broader range of applications relating to accessibility. Please note that all our application developers are volunteers, and you will need to allow your code to be distributed under the GNU GPL license. Of course we will need to vet the application first.

I am a web designer - how can I contribute?

We are always looking to develop our website further. Please note that all our web site developers are volunteers, and the site is written in PHP/CSS/mySQL.

I am a photographer - can I donate some photos?

Yes. We have a specification for the photos we distribute, which you can find in the User Guides section.

Commercial Questions:

Can I distribute these symbols as part of my own product?

Yes, as long as you are giving your own product away free of cost.

Can I make money out of these symbols by selling them?

Yes, but you need to use a different license. Please contact us for more guidance.


Wikipedia - WMF format


Wikipedia - SVG format


Mulberry design principles

- Suitable for both adults and children
- Free of cost at point of delivery
- Free of license restriction for distribution and modification

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